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Integrating with your Telephone System

Does PayGuard® need to integrate with my telephone system in order for me to take PCI compliant phone payments? Well, you have choices. Let’s explore them..

No Telephony Integration Required

Yes. That’s right. Telephony Integration is not required for you to take compliant phone payments using PayGuard®.

Taking phone payments using our Payment Link and Manual Entry processes does not require a different phone system. Absolutely no changes are needed to your existing phone set-up.


Phone Keypad (DTMF Payments)

Some businesses like to use a process called DTMF masking to collect payment card information.

This process allows the customer to provide their sensitive card information using just their phone keypad. They type in their card number, expiry date and security code whilst on the call with you.
This does require integrating PayGuard® with your telephone system.

Your Integration Options

We can integrate with your telephony system in five different ways:

    1. Secure Line Callback
    2. Mid-call Transfer
    3. SIP Integration
    4. SIP Redirect
    5. Number Hosting

Which one is best is entirely up to you. We have set out the benefits and drawbacks of each type below for you.

No 1 Telephony Integration option
Secure Line Callback

This is the quickest and easiest telephony integration solution.

How it Works

Whenever a customer wishes to make a payment, you say to the customer “We’ll call you back on a secure line to take your payment information”.

You hang-up, type the customers phone number into PayGuard and we reconnect you. This time securing the phone line and making it ready for DTMF digit collection.

Many customers use this method to get started right away and move on to another later.

    • No changes to your phone system are needed.
    • Quick and easy to get up and running.
    • You need to call the customer back to take payment.
Mid-Call Transfer

This is the most adopted solution.

How it Works

Whenever a customer wishes to make a payment, you say to the customer “Please hold while I secure the line”.

You initiate a blind transfer, which can be embedded into a single ‘hotkey’. You then hang-up, and instantly pick up the phone again. This all happens with the customer on hold (listening to your hold music), although it takes only seconds to complete.

    • The set-up is technically quite simple.
    • Only the part of the call where a payment is taken traverse our network.
    • Your phone system needs to support blind call transfers.
    • The agent does need to interrupt their side of the call.
No 2 Telephony Integration option
No 3 Telephony Integration option
SIP Integration

This is the most seamless integration.

How it Works

All your calls run through our network. We integrate with both your telephone number provider and termination provider.

Each call passes through our PCI level 1 compliant telephony switch when a payment needs to be taken.  Your agent doesn’t need to transfer the call or call the customer back to take a payment.

    • Easy for agents, as no transfer or callback needed.
    • Keep your existing numbering and termination providers.
    • A more complex technical set-up required.
    • All calls (whether payments are taken or not) pass through our switch.
SIP Redirect

This is a more affordable SIP solution long term, but rarely used.

How it Works

Very similar to the SIP Integration method above, but with this option only SIP (signalling) traffic passes to our network, and the RTP (or voice) traffic continues to flow as it currently does, until a payment needs to be made. At this point, the SIP is altered and the RTP traffic flows over our switch.

    • Easy for agents as no transfer or callback needed.
    • Only parts of the call where payments are taken flow over our network.
    • Complicated technical set up.
No 4 Telephony Integration option
No 5 Telephony Integration option
Number Hosting

For inbound calls only, a popular solution with additional benefits.

How it Works

We port your telephone numbers to our fully redundant, level 1 secure telephony switch.

All inbound calls flow over our switch making it simple for payments to be taken. Our award-winning switch can help improve your Business Continuity and DR, as it comes with an array of features such as scheduling, tables and a visual IVR builder.

    • Easy to do.
    • A host of additional benefits and features for call routing.
    • Your numbers maybe under contract with your existing provider.

What do we recommend?

Every business and organisation is in a unique situation. So our recommendation would always to be to talk with us. In only a short time (15 minutes or so) we can begin to recommend to you what the best short-term plan would be, and what the best longer-term plan would look like.

In any case there are lots of choices. With PayGuard® being so easy to use for you and your customers, telephony integration certainly won’t get in the way of you taking secure and compliant phone payments.

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Do You Need More Information?

Contact us to ascertain the right set-up for your business.