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Take Payments Through Microsoft Teams With PayGuard®

By July 3, 2020December 21st, 2023No Comments

Can Microsoft Teams Be Part Of A Secure Payment Solution?

The meteoric growth of Microsoft Teams, from 12 million to now over 80 million users, has secured Microsoft’s place as the platform-of-choice for many businesses.

Integration has been the keyword for many software service companies over the past months so that Teams users can consume their services easily, directly within the Teams user interface.

Telecom companies for example have been sprinting to incorporate their PBX systems. Teams users can now plug their traditional IP phone systems into Teams, so external calls and chats are answered directly from the Teams desktop, browser or mobile application.

Microsoft Payment Integration

CRM applications have been integrated too, making the Teams interface set to be the single UI many companies have dreamed of.

Hot on the heels of this trend, PayGuard® has now integrated with Microsoft Teams, bringing its simple, secure payments solution to within a single click of all Teams users.

Integrating PayGuard® With Teams

Integration cogs

Now that Microsoft Teams users can communicate with customers directly within the interface, whether over the phone, via web chat or social media, the need for Teams users to be able to take secure card, direct debit or open banking transfer payments easily is here.

PayGuard, now established as the go-to secure omni-channel payments app, is accessible from the Teams app store, allowing Teams users to search for, and install, PayGuard into the left hand navigation bar in the Teams interface.

Once their company has set them up with a PayGuard account, users can take PCI DSS level 1 secure credit and debit card payments directly within the Teams.

Whether they are speaking with the customer over the phone, or are engaged via web chat, users can use PayGuard’s real time assisted Payment Link process, which does not require any telephony integration, to process PCI compliant payments in seconds.

Because you can set up Direct Debit instructions, and process Open Banking transfer payments in PayGuard too, Microsoft Teams users can perform bank transfers in under a minute.

Multi-currency? Recurring transactions? Now these are all available through Teams. Simple and Secure.

Jeremy King, Regional Head of Europe, PCI Security Standards Council, speaking on the 4th June 2020 regarding payments and homeworking stated:

The use of technologies that ensures payment data remains protected whilst enabling remote personnel to perform their work securely is of vital consideration.

PayGuard is a PCI level 1 Solution Provider, and now that Teams integration is a few clicks away for any user, every business can be fully compliant, and fully secure, taking payments over Teams in the office or from home.

Contact us today to find out how you integrate Microsoft Teams and PayGuard.