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Take Payments Over The Phone

We make taking payments by phone simple, fast and compliant!

No matter what organisation you are in if you take payments over the phone being compliant is an absolute necessity. We understand and have made it our mission to make the process a synch.

You need PCI DSS and GDPR compliance and have to keep costs down. You also want it to be simple and fast! Letting your workforce can focus on the more important aspect of looking after your customer. Read on to see how we make this all possible…

Taking payment over the phone is essential for many businesses. It’s:

    • Easy
    • Convenient
    • Immediate
    • Assisted

It’s so popular, almost all of us have made a card payment over the phone at some point.

Despite the rise of digital communication channels like Web-Chat and SMS. The telephone has held firm as the preferred method for many, young and old alike.

Phone Payment convenience
Taking phone payments frequently asked questions

Phone Payment Frequent Questions:

  • What laws and regulations do I have to comply with?
  • How do I secure customer sensitive financial data?
  • How do I set up a ‘clean environment’ with home workers?
  • If I don’t record calls, is that enough?
  • What happens if I don’t comply?

The security requirements put many people off taking card payments over the phone, whilst others simply neglect to comply.

Phone Payment Regulations

If you take card payments, you must comply with industry regulations!


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is mandatory if you fail to comply and suffer a breach, liabilities include:

  • Lost confidence from your customers
  • Cost of reissuing new payment cards
  • Fraud losses and Audit fees
  • Higher subsequent costs of compliance
  • Legal costs, settlements, and judgments
  • Fines and penalties
  • Termination of the ability to accept card payments
  • Going out of business

The last one is very real. In fact, audit fees and fines lead to over 55% of SME’s to close doors after suffering a breach.

PCI Security Standards Council
GDPR Regulations


Then there is the Data Protection Act, brought in to replace the Data Protection Directive. GDPR was created to give greater control to individuals’ personal information. Protecting them from security breaches or misuse of their details.

It applies to all organisations and failure to adhere to its legislation can lead to huge consequences for any size business.

Company Directors are personally liable under the Data Protection Act for neglecting to comply with the GDPR and safeguard their sensitive customer information.

PayGuard® Makes Phone Payment Compliance Easy

We make sure that you comply with the PCI DSS and GDPR Regulations
Call centre agent taking a phone payment

Your staff login to Payguard® and set the payment schedule while talking to the customer.

Customer entering payment details for phone payment

Your customer enters their sensitive card information using their telephone.

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A compliant, simple and secure phone payment is processed.

Watch How Taking Phone Payments Are Made Easy

More About PayGuard®

We make takings phone payments as easy and as integrated as you like

No training required

No telephony integration needed

PCI Level 1 Solution provider

Schedule payments

Set up recurring payments



Web chat and Social media payments

CRM integration

Save money when taking phone payments

It’s Affordable Too

We believe every business should be able to take secure, compliant phone payments. This should be affordable too, with prices and benefits that suit each business need.

That’s why PayGuard® is so affordable.

Check out our prices here

Don’t just take our word for it…

PayGuard® has been instrumental in allowing our business to take telephone payments in a compliant & efficient manner.

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Every business is a target for card fraudsters; with PayGuard® we’ve been able to reduce risk to the business without impacting the customer journey as we can keep the agent and customer communicating through the whole process.

Our customers can also feel secure, never needing to read out their card details to our agent, which promotes our reputation as a security conscious business. I would strongly recommend the system to any business looking for peace of mind within the world of payments. Agents have fed back that it is a fast and easy process, which is a pleasant departure from the gripes of having to learn a complicated new process.

I wouldn’t just endorse PayGuard®, I think that all businesses taking telephone payments should use this system.

Kathryn Taylor
Operations Manager
Mark Harris Furniture Ltd

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