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Nobody likes paying a lot for admin!

Our costs are low.

Being a modern, next gen business, we don’t have crumbling architecture to prop-up. That helps you pay the minimum for our awesome services.

PayGuard has been made to take the complexity and stress out of your hands, reducing your payment transaction charges, and keeping you up-to-date as technology, customer behaviour and regulatory change. PayGuard is a multiple award-winning application backed up by a team of payment experts.

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The Way We Charge for Our Services

From £15 for an Agent User License, PayGuard is accessible for all organisations.

We offer a wide range of payment services, so PayGuard has been categorised into five areas below. Our Processing charges apply to all payments processed using PayGuard’s gateway, acquiring and Pay By Bank services.

PayGuard Agent

Agent License Models – PayGuard Agent allows your staff to take payments from your customers in real-time over any channel in a simple, compliant and secure manner. There are two PayGuard License models to choose from. Choose one model that suits your business.

  • The User License – License cost is per named User
  • The Transaction License – License cost is per concurrent Transaction processed

Concurrent Transaction Ratio – When considering the Transaction License, the common question is “How many Transaction Licenses do I need”? The User to Concurrent Transaction License ratio is helpful here, allowing you to calculate how many Transactions Licenses you need based on the total number of your staff that would use PayGuard. Get in touch to find out more.

Call centre agent taking a phone payment

User License

Digital-Only User License
Named Users. Voice channel excluded.
User License
Named Users. All communication channels.
Flexi User License
For Named Users not part of a fixed term agreement.
SMS Messages (cost per message)
SMS messages for digital payments
Account Setup & Training
Account and user setup, remote training.

License Fee Discounts: 5% for 15+ users, 10% for 30+ users, and 15% for 50+ users.

Transaction License

Digital-Only Transaction License
Concurrent transactions. Voice channel excluded.
Transaction License
Concurrent transactions. All communication channels.
Flexi Transaction License
For transactions beyond the concurrency set.
SMS Messages (cost per message)
SMS messages for digital payments
Account Setup & Training
Account and user setup, remote training.

License Fee Discounts: 5% for 15+ users, 10% for 30+ users, and 15% for 50+ users.

PayGuard Auto

Automate Your Payments – PayGuard Auto gives you the opportunity to get paid while you sleep! There are two payment automation options for you to choose from, or alternatively use both:

  • Bulk Payments – Send bulk payment links via email or SMS to contacts that you upload to PayGuard. The links allow your customers to pay by card, pay by bank, or both. Each link can be tailored to each contact.
  • Automated Payment Line (IVR) – Set up an automated payment phone line, so your customers can call you 24 / 7 to make a payment, with no staff member required to answer the call. Simple, effective and low cost.

Reduce Manual Tasks – Ensuring your business is automating as many manual administrative tasks as possible is key to keeping your operating costs low and your business running competitively. Let us help you automate payment collection.


PayGuard Ecom

Taking Payments on your Website – PayGuard Ecom allows you to add credit and debit card payments to your website, alongside Pay By Bank payments using the Open Banking framework. This offers significant savings, immediate payment receipt, reduced fraud and easy reconciliation.

  • Card Payments – Receive card payments online through our gateway and achieve acquirer independence, helping you lower transaction fees.
  • Pay By Bank Payments – Receive payments directly into your bank account immediately for a very low cost, reduce fraud and eliminate chargebacks.

Easy Reconciliation and All In One place – Imagine your phone and online payments, all your credit card, debit card and Pay By Bank payments passing to a single data point to help you reconcile easily every payment made. Think of the time you could save.

PayGuard Processing

Transaction Processing Charges – We guard your organisation against high fees. See how much you can save using PayGuard to process your transactions, comparing against your current provider.

  • Card Processing
  • Pay By Bank Processing

Choice – While PayGuard comes as standard with card processing services, you can choose to continue using your current card gateway as well as your existing acquiring service.

PayGuard has integrated with many gateways so you can keep your existing setup and place PayGuard over the top. Talk with us and we can explore what is best for you and your organisation.

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PayGuard Extras

Make It Right For YouPayGuard Extras are here to help you get the most out of PayGuard, and the additional services we provide. Our Extras are in conjunction with the PayGuard Licenses, and cover:

  • Telephony
  • Compliant Call Recording
  • PayGuard ID: Customer Verification Service

Save MoneyWhile PayGuard Extras incur additional charges, you may find you end up saving money overall, as many options replace existing charges you pay now to other suppliers.

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Does PayGuard offer other services?

PayGuard is owned and operated by Fusion Telecom. Our humble beginnings were in the telecommunications world, and alongside PayGuard we supply leading communications technology to businesses and contact centres.

Card Gateway and Acquiring Services

PayGuard as standard includes gateway and acquiring services. However, you can place PayGuard over the top of your existing providers helping you benefit from PayGuard’s many features while retaining your current setup.

Our award-winning technology can provide you the best value payment solution that keeps you compliant. Speak to our experts today to get a quote.
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