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PayGuard for UCaas and CCaas Call Centre Payments

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UCaaS in today’s fast-paced business landscape …

… call centres and customer expectations are constantly evolving and organisations are seeking innovative solutions to enhance their customer interactions while optimising operational efficiency.

Two key technologies at the forefront of this transformation are Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS). By leveraging these services, Call Centres can revolutionise their operations, elevate customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge in the market, by enabling communication, collaboration, customer services productivity and more.

UCaas and CCaas Contact Centre Solution happy agent and client

What exactly are UCaaS and CCaaS?

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service.

UCaaS refers to communication solutions that integrate various interaction and collaboration tools into a single platform. UCaaS typically includes features such as voice and video calling, instant messaging, presence information, file sharing, and online meetings.

CCaaS stands for Contact Centre as a Service.

CCaaS is a cloud-based solution. It provides businesses with a range of tools and features to manage customer interactions, sales and support services. These tools enable companies to effectively manage customer relationships and ensure superior service delivery.

CCaaS platforms typically feature call routing, IVR, ACD, workforce management, analytics and integration with CRM systems. These features enable better customer relationships and more efficient call and digital contact management. Organisations can improve their customer service and agent efficiency by adopting CCaaS. It also allows them to scale their contact centre operations in a more cost-effective and easy way.

U/CCaaS helps organisations to sell to, and support, their customers. U/CCaaS applications today are:

  • Cloud-based – Fast to deploy and easy to use.
  • CX focused – Phone, Chat, SMS & more.
  • Secure by design – High availability & encryption.
  • Integrated for ease – WebRTC, CRM and beyond

Using these services to communicate with customers over multiple channels allows staff to have access to orders, customer data and other information which often lead to payments….

UCCaas the problem bridging the journey infographic

But there is a problem

for Businesses

and Call Centres!

Inevitably customer communications will lead to payments, and most U/CCaaS providers do not have a Cloud-based, CX focused, Secure and Integrated call centre payment capability.

What is the solution to taking Call Centre Payments?

Simply put, payments need to be integrated into the service stack. This allows end-customers to complete prospect and customer communications in an integrated and secure way, over any channel, by integrating an omni-method payment solution.

PayGuard Provides the Perfect Contact Centre Payment Solution

PayGuard’s award winning technology can be integrated seamlessly as a branded or white label solution.

Our technology gives contact centres the ability to prioritise customer service while handling the intricate details of taking payments, such as keeping data safe, following PCI regulations, setting up automated and continuous payments, and accepting payments through any channel and payment method.

UCCaas The Solution infographic

How to bring it together and connect your services to take Simple Secure Payments

UCCaas Payments a lot to Consider infographic

PayGuard is a feature-rich Single Payment Solution, connecting communication channels and payment methods in a secure and compliant way. The customer may contact you to make a Call Centre Payment in several ways. They may do this by phone, through your website, or through an automated IVR solution.

PayGuard connects to your financial service providers. It keeps you secure and simplifies complex payment processes. It also helps you to be PCI Compliant.

PayGuard for U/CCaas Call Centre Payments

PayGuard is the first of its kind, a Single Payment Solution for Businesses and Contact Centres. Offering all the requirements needed to reduce costs and simplify the administrative process. Additionally, it greatly reduces security and compliance concerns.

UCCaas and Bringing it All Together infographic

Take payments over the phone with PayGuard

Contact us today to discuss your options and how we can take your payment and user experience to the next level….