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Increase profit and help secure your customers.

The most common integrators of PayGuard® are Telecom Companies, Payment Gateways and Order Management Systems. We are always keen to hear from you no matter what you or your customer requirements are.


Telecom Companies

Telecom companies are coming to the realisation that their phone systems are now within the scope of the PCI DSS, and that they need to provide their customers with a solution.

They are also realising that they can make more money by helping their customers be compliant when taking phone payments that they can from the actual phone systems.

That’s why Telecom companies are getting in touch with PayGuard and integrating our tech into their tech. It’s a win-win for all concerned.


Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway’s typically have a gapping whole in their offering. And we help them close it.

They offer in-store and web payments, but when it comes to phone payments, they simply offer a virtual terminal leaving their customers significantly exposed.

Because PayGuard is already integrated with the UK’s core telecoms network, we help Payment Gateways close this loop and help them to ensure their customers are secure and compliant.

Order Management Systems

Order Management Systems

Many OMS’s offer their customers the opportunity to process payments and can earn a nice little extra from doing so. But how do you offer a comprehensive and low-cost service when the current options are overly complex and don’t secure your customers?

Use us
We allow OMS’s systems to integrate the payment processing part of their system with PayGuard, helping them to ensure their customers have not only the best, but the most secure options available for payment processing.

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