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How PayGuard® Works

Secure your payment process

Let us show you how PayGuard helps you take simple, secure and compliant payments. The speed of our easy to use technology makes taking compliant payments a synch for your staff and customers.

What Does PayGuard Do?

PayGuard is an application that helps organisations like yours take secure and compliant payments from customers.

We Are Unique Because:

Multi Channel

We allow you to take payments over any communication channel you like.

Any Payment Type

You can take payments by credit or debit card, open banking transfer or direct debit.

Fully Compliant

Payments taken are secure and compliant with GDPR, PCI DSS, MiFID II, FCA and PSD2.

Feature Packed

You can set up recurring payments, make refunds, and lots more.

All within a single application!
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How does PayGuard Work?

Using PayGuard is simple.

When your staff want to take a payment, they login to PayGuard from a web browser, through Microsoft Teams, or through third-party, sector-specific applications we have integrations with.

We give you multiple secure and compliant choices on how to collect sensitive financial information from customers, such as credit card details or bank account information.

You process the payment in real-time, staying connected with your customer throughout.

Checkout our video on taking a simple payment using the Payment Link process, or how to set up a subscription payment using the Phone Keypad (DTMF) process.

Take A Payment With Paylink

See how you can take a customer’s payment using our Payment link process. It’s so quick you can take payment over any channel (phone, web chat, social media) in under a minute!

Simple Recurring Payment Using DTMF

See how easy it is to create a recurring payment with PayGuard. This time we use the DTMF process, allowing your customer to enter their payment details using their telephone keypad.

Who Does PayGuard Help?

Answer… any organisation that takes payments from customers in real-time.

Whether over the phone, via web chat, social media or online, PayGuard helps you comply with regulations easily, and make the payment process simple for your customers and your staff.

Here are just some questions you can ask yourself:

Does your business take payments over the phone? If so, it is imperative that you use PayGuard to comply with the PCI DSS.

Would you like to take payment using the new Open Banking Transfer framework? Let us walk you through it and show you how it works.

Are you unsure how to automate subscription payments? We can help your staff set up, and administer, subscription payments in seconds.

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Why Is PayGuard Different?

We stand out from the crowd because:

We make receiving payments easy and secure for you and your customers.


We are the most affordable PCI DSS compliant phone payment option


PayGuard® can help you take subscription payments and make refunds


We work seamlessly across many different aspects of the payment ecosystem.

Contact Us

We are friendly people and experts in payments, so feel free to get in touch and have a no obligation chat about your situation.