How do open banking payments help me
How do open banking payments help me
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Frequently Asked Questions

We share the answers to some of our most asked questions.

Simply click on the questions below to find the answers to our most common questions. Our technology not only allows PCI DSS compliant payments but also creates a seamless and cost-saving process of taking transactions.

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Can I integrate PayGuard with my other systems?

Absolutely. PayGuard has been created from the ground up to be adaptable and easy to use. Whether you need PayGuard to integrate with your phone system or third-party applications such as Microsoft Teams it’s simple. PayGuard also integrates seamlessly with PSP’s (Payment Service Providers) or can even take over as your PSP if you wish.

Does PayGuard work with my existing payment gateway?

Of course, a single PayGuard account can handle multiple gateways connected to it. We currently integrate to all the major gateways available. If we are not currently working with your chosen gateway or merchant bank, we can implement this without fuss.

How does PayGuard link in with my phone system?

PayGuard can integrate with your existing phone systems in a number of ways to provide a simple and secure payment process. This can done by SIP interconnect, SIP redirect, mid-call transfer, secure callback or number porting.

My customers are typically older people, how do elderly people cope with making payments in this way?

The aim at PayGuard was always to provide a solution that is easy to use for both the agent and the customer. Creating a streamlined and uncluttered interface for the agent means they can focus on their communication to the end-user. Because the agent is able to stay in constant contact with the customer they can calmly and clearly guide them through the process. Brand experience is essential to all organisations and this process, which can be daunting and stressful to some, becomes a calm and reassuring process with PayGuard technology.

Can I use PayGuard if I'm recording my phone calls?

Yes you can! Recording calls whilst taking phone payments is important for training staff and improving customer experience, most importantly in some industries it is required by law. Due to PCI DSS requirements, this means protecting data and staying secure, businesses are currently having to turn off call recording, or pause it automatically, to be compliant.

PayGuard makes it simple for contact centres and business to record calls and stay compliant.

Is there a cost per transaction?

To make costing simple we offer two types of licence rather than charge per transaction. One based by the number of users and the second by the number of concurrent transactions. We feel this provides the best value to our customers and makes budgeting easy.

Can PayGuard be used on a landline, or does it only work with mobiles?

We get this question asked a lot and the answer is PayGuard can work on any telephone system. This makes your payment system incredibly flexible and allows easy remote working while remaining secure and compliant.

Can I flex up and down with my PayGuard licences during my peak periods?

Yes. We have different plans depending on your business requirements. Simpy contact us for a no-obligation chat to discuss your particular business needs.

Does PayGuard make me fully compliant with the PCI DSS?

PayGuard provides a PCI DSS level 1 compliant payment solution, the highest level of PCI DSS. Our secure technology also helps your payment process to be GDPR, MiFID II, FCA and PSD2 compliant. We are proud that PayGuard gives our customers class-leading compliance and peace of mind.

How would the Payment Link capture process work with my phone system?

It really could not be any simpler. There is no telephony integration at all needed when using the Payment Link process. Once the agent has set up the payment a link is sent to the customer who then enters their payment details whilst remaining on the phone to the agent. At no point is the agent exposed to sensitive information. This whole process can be completed in under a minute, you can see how stress free this is in our easy to follow video below.

Does PayGuard offer a DTMF solution?

Yes. After completing a simple integration with your phone system using one of the many telephony integration options, you can use PayGuard’s DTMF process to capture sensitive card information from your customer easily.

Does PayGuard support tokenisation?

As soon as you start using PayGuard tokenisation can be applied, securing your customer’s sensitive data immediately. Tokenisation has huge benefits and is more secure than two-way encryption, you can read more on these advantages here

Is it easy to integrate with existing systems?

PayGuard can be deployed seamlessly, quickly, and most importantly with no downtime for you and your customers. We do this by conducting an extensive survey for your requirements and meticulous planning before deployment. Our API architecture and experienced development team make integrations with your systems possible.

Do you support multi-currency?

Yes. Whichever currency you need to accept payment in, you will find it a breeze to process. With just a couple of clicks in your agent view, your customers can pay with the currency of their choice.

Not only is PayGuard multi-currency but it can also accept payments through multiple gateways so you can manage your income and currencies into your desired accounts.

Does the agent see any sensitive data when processing a payment?

Absolutely not! This is one of the benefits of using PayGuard, removing your agents from the scope of the PCI DSS. Your agent is shielded from sensitive information. So even though the whole process is visible to your agent, and they stay in direct communication with your customer thoughout, at no point is any sensitive information shared.

A BIG tick for PCI Compliance.

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