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I just want to take payments, be secure, be compliant and not pay a lot!

Notice how everything seems to be complicated these days? You find help, but further down the line it’s not all it promised to be.

We got it.

That’s why we tell it straight, and just take care of all the payments stuff for you.


Credit card, Debit Card, Direct Debit?
No problem.

Automate balance and recurring payments?

PCI compliance taken care of?
We can help.

Help for Contact Centres?
That’s our backyard.

Multi gateway?
That too.

Integrate with my CRM?

Over the phone, via web chat, online for my website, or in-store? Sure.

Microsoft Teams integration?

Automate payments over the phone?


Process refunds easily?
Why not.

Open banking payments?
Thumbs up.

call centre
Can you integrate with my current phone system?


Yes we can!

call centre gateway
Can you integrate with my current gateway or merchant bank?


If you like!

Business Features

We help organisations take payments. Simple.

Getting paid should be easy, without worrying about fraud and chargebacks, non-compliance penalties and breaches. You’ve done the hard work, now you want to take the money.

We help organisations in different ways, because everybody is special. Here are just some examples:


Take payments in-house & online.

You want to receive payment in-house from customers, on your website for online orders as well as over the phone for takeaways. Fines from a breach will close your doors, so security and compliance is important, but you can't afford large user license fees or high transaction costs. PayGuard is perfect for you.

Restaurant Scene
retail scene

Secure retail payments.

We help companies process high-value, low frequency transactions securely. In some cases once orders have been placed with your supplier after taking a customer's deposit it can't be recalled, therefore it's essential no chargeback occurs. On the other hand you don't want to place too many barriers in the way to taking that deposit otherwise you jeopardise the sale.


FCA MiFID 2 compliance.

You need to comply with the FCA MiFID 2 rules, but don't want to stop your call recording when taking payments over the phone. Caught between a rock and a hard place? We can help.

Insurance Scene

Any Business Payment

Whether your organisation takes payments frequently or infrequently, whether the transaction value is low or high, whether you take payments over the phone, online or both. We can help.

And what’s great is whatever changes come your way we help you adapt, so you just keep taking payments.

Contact Centres

Contact centres have a lot to contend with. That’s why you need someone to keep payments simple.

The complexities of keeping up with consumer demand, wanting to make payments anytime night or day, or over any channel from phone, web chat to social media, certainly keeps you on your toes!

Hate Admin?

Want Easy PCI DSS Compliance?

Well, we hate admin too, and understand it's just not realistic for you to comply with the PCI DSS if you're taking phone payments unless you remove yourself completely from scope.

Yeah … that’s right. We can remove you completely from the scope of the PCI DSS, so annual compliance becomes a synch, and because our UI is so pretty, staff don’t even need training!


We Can…

Phone Payment Features

Phone System Integration

We fit seamlessly into your current setup, or can even work around it.

Speed up the process

Make your contact centre more efficient reducing AHT whilst improving customer interactions.

Annual compliance a synch

Take the stress out of your yearly compliance and focus on more important parts of your business.

And much more...

Get in touch to find out everything we can help you with. You'll be surprised.

Simple PCI DSS

Contact centres are unique and have particular needs.

We understand this. That’s why the permissions structure allows you to build PayGuard to each person’s requirements, so whether you have 5 staff taking payments or 500 staff, each user will have what they need, and only what they need.

More Contact Centre Features

Sounds like your customers could use PayGuard?

You’re probably right

Adding payments to your portfolio can really help your customers at a time when they have so much to comply with, and so much detail to process.

Helping partners

Reduce risk & speed up admin.

Many businesses out there, from Telecoms to Payment gateways, from Order Management Systems to Invoicing apps, help organisations improve security, reduce risk and speed up admin. Just like us!

Helping Partners
Welcoming PayGuard Partner with handshake
Working together

Time to add PayGuard.

Work with us and help them even further. Add PayGuard (via API is the most common method but there are others) to your offering and help your customers get on with what they do best.

Time to collaborate

We work with Partners of all shapes and sizes and would love to hear your ideas.

Get in touch with us on

More Partner Info