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Welcome all Contact Centres.

Your life is about to get a lot easier!

We understand how complicated everything is these days. Your customers are demanding to communicate over multiple channels, at every hour of the day, and keeping your agents happy is a real trick.

On top of this, you have new regs landing on your desk every five minutes and it’s near impossible to keep up with them.

Yes. We get it. That’s why we’re here.

We take away your payment compliance concerns, reduce your admin, automate some of your processes and do it all for an affordable price without adding to your headache. You can then crack on to the next win.

Contact Centre Payments

Bring PayGuard into your Contact Centre to improve your payment process.

We help you process card, open banking & direct debit payments over the phone, online, over web chat, via email and even SMS.

We help contact centres process payment in real-time, assisted by agents, or alternatively we can automate payment processing to speed things up for you.

Reasons Contact Centres use us are:
Truely secure & compliant

We remove your phone payments from PCI DSS scope, making you truly secure and compliant.

Low cost & high value

Bang for buck we are the best payment application available. The support is outstanding too.

Genuine fantastic service

We provide a genuinely fantastic service that we know will leave a smile on your face.

Telephony & Multi-Channel Communication


It’s a minefield out there, with 3-letter acronyms abounding and preventing you from finding a simple, effective solution. Well we have one.

In short, we supply a simple, affordable, enterprise grade communications service that brings your telephony, web chat, email and social media into a single agent desktop, so you can get on with your next agent review.

Ohh and we help with those too. Our unified agent desktop comes with speech analytics to help monitor agents, as well as PCI compliant payments.

CRM? Yup we provide a simple one as standard or can integrate with most common CRM’s.

We know, your contact centre has anomalies’ that makes all this more difficult. That’s why we designed everything using API’s and an open architecture so we can adapt to whatever is thrown at us. No problem.

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