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Business Payments

You don’t even want to be here, do you?

You want to get on with your business and make it rock. But of course, admin gets in the way. Well, let us help you sort it out.

Business Payments

You need to take them, securely and be compliant. Sure.

You don’t want to worry about about chargebacks, fines or fraud. You also want the process to be simple, and pay as little as possible. Great!
We can take care of that for you.

Take payments

Over the phone, online, web chat, email, in-store

Reduce risk

Don’t get caught out by chargeback, fraud and fines.

PCI compliance

Easily meet security and PCI compliance obligations.

Reduce admin

Automate balance or recurring payments.


Automate phone payments out-of-hours.

Business Offices

A solution for all business sizes


Whether your business takes just a few payments, or a lot, and whether your transactions are of high value, or low value, we can take care of your payment needs so you can crack on with the fun stuff.

Businesses use us for peace of mind. They know we focus on Simplicity and Security. When you work with us you can tick the payments box off your list and focus on what you do best

AND WHAT’S GREAT , is because we can help in almost all environments, whatever changes come your way, we can adapt to your business, so you don’t have to keep revisiting your payment suppliers.

Business Telephony

We help many companies with their telephony too.


The company behind PayGuard is called Fusion Telecom. As well as payment experts, we help organisations with telephony, VoIP PBX, UCaaS and CCaaS.

Just like PayGuard, our communication services are best-of-breed, feature rich and easy to use.